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Question #03

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When do I get the Inspection Report, and or Elevation
Certificate, or Engineering?

ANSWER to question #03

FBE&I guarantees A 24 to 48 turnaround time: On all Inspection orders with all of your telephone calls answered immediately.

FBE&I GUARANTEES A 48 to  72 hour turnaround time: On all Engineering orders with all of your telephone call answered immediately.

FBE&I also has available 24 hour report access on line: You may view and download your reports via the internet the moment they are prepared.

Be sure to ask us about report Access: A service we have available to save you time, when time is important to you. For additional information about report access click here.

Contact Florida Builders Engineers & Inspectors Network, Inc.
for more details and pricing schedule


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Florida Building Engineering and Inspection

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